Environmental effects of the old Tigris River course between Kut and Nasiriyah


  • Sahar Abdul Redha Ali ,Prof. Dr. Abdullah S. Abood ,Prof. Dr Raheem H. Alabdan


Tigris River, Kut, Nasiriyah, Environmental effects


The course of the old Tigris River is located between three provinces (Wasit - Misan - Dhi Qar), surrounded from the east and north by the current Tigris River, on the west by the Gharraf River and on the south by the Euphrates River, and the area of the study is (16473.2 km2). The course of the old Tigris River in the study area between Kut and Nasiriyah was characterized by its instability in its course through time, since the Holocene era until its last change in the late Sassanid era, where the course moved from its original course, where moved between Kut and Nasiriyah, to its current course (Kut- Amara). This change has left many environmental impacts.