Amrah Bint Abdul Rahman and Some of Her Selected Narratives


  • Furat AbdulRutha Jawad Mualla


Amrah bint, Selected Narratives


The available sources do not unveil Amrah's religious belief, still she was devoted to document the narratives and virtues of Aisha; insofar as she states that the Messenger used to draw lots and they all came out for Aisha in travel and in war, as it was mentioned in one of her narrations in this regard. Although she lived in Medina, the center of Caliphates, she had never come close to them nor to the infallible Imams whom lived in the same city and during the same period of time. This leads us to suspect her for being a devoted loyal to Aisha, the traditional enemy of Alawites. However, it could be assumed that her name was deliberately exploited by narrators, especially that she is mentioned in narratives that go beyond the reason (such as the shaking of Allah's throne for the death of Sa'ad Bin Mu'ath). Finally, it has become a must to re-study the Islamic heritage into which myth and legend have been weaved.