The economic importance of the construction of the great port of FAW and the link to the Silk Road


  • Amjed Radha Hasan Al-Zahidee ,Hamdiya Shaker Muslim Al-Edam


transporting global trade, economic development, commercial ports


Iraq has a single sea port overlooking the Arabian Gulf, and despite the poverty of the Iraqi coast on the Gulf, as it does not exceed 60 km, which is the least area among the countries bordering the Arabian Gulf, this small area represents the maritime port of Iraq on the high seas. And if used correctly, it would have great returns on the economy, as Iraq has an important strategic position in shortening the distances between East and West. And if Iraq wants to catch up with global developments, especially in the field of maritime transport and the establishment of modern and advanced ports, it must expedite the establishment of the great port of Faw and link to the dry canal, as Iraq's possession of important commercial ports, but these ports do not meet Iraq's growing needs, as they are internal ports with limited depths It does not directly overlook the Arabian Gulf, in addition to Iraq's link to the Belt and Road Initiative and its willingness to exercise its vital role in linking the Asian East and the European West, from the ports of the Arabian Gulf to the ports of the Mediterranean. This requires accelerating the completion of the Faw port project due to its importance in transporting trade and considering it the gateway that drives economic development and the great economic benefits that will come to it through the establishment of the dry canal and contribute to shortening the time and cost of transporting global trade.