Hermeneutics of Space: The Poem "Empty Bags" By the Poet (Shaker Majid Sefo) As A Model


  • Raada Mehdi Jaber Alamiri


hermeneutics , modern critical, mental perception,


There is no doubt that hermeneutics or hermeneutics is one of the modern critical approaches that believes in the ability of the recipient to produce meaning and exercise his role in revealing every meaning, significance and symbols, bearing ontological and aesthetic dimensions. Semantics to fill these blanks, including what our poet would not have to carry these interpretable areas ideas and meanings provided in his mental perception through his ability to create the creative text in terms of forming voids and gaps in the text that searches for interpretation and completeness of meaning, the idea of the void fused with it all meanings of nothingness or nothingness But the ability of the poet Shakir Majid Sefo to transform emptiness into ontological, human, emotional and temporal dimensions relied on the meanings of nihilism and nothing, the past time, the past, emptiness, nowhere, oblivion, death, loss, war, silence, without bags, journey or travel, and erasure. And the lack, the incompleteness, the expiration of time, the graying, which we can sense in the poem Empty Bags.