Legal System for Part-Time Work in Projects Subject to Privatization (Flexibility of Working Time)


  • Saba Noaman Rasheed


assistance, recognition, temporary cessation


Privatization is a legal case in which the state has shifted from a system of concentration with simplicity to deciding to share its economic activity in general (or by allocating a type of productive activity) with the private sector or to seek the assistance of foreign funds. And since management is one of the delicate issues in balancing the project, its continuity and success, and the rights of workers, and acknowledging its continuity as before, which sometimes calls for sacrificing some of these rights or liquidating the legal positions entirely for workers. Therefore, in order to balance, the employer may resort to amending some of the worker's contract project The necessary motive is the extent of eligibility of its procedures. With the recognition of the protection of workers from losing their sources of income, which requires the recognition of sufficient flexibility surrounding the work relationship, and this flexibility extends to surround the relationship, whether on the part of the employer or the side of the worker, and accordingly flexible regulations for working hours emerged, including working for some Time, part-time work, or work after the planned temporary cessation of work.