Cultural Impact on the Position Of Woman: A Critical And Analytical Study


  • Farah Baqer Ahmed ,Muslim Mohd. Lehmood Al-Mamouri


cultural impact, Quranic, psychology


The belief of Muslims and those before them came in contrast to other religions, unified and non-unified, that the female is a person subordinate to the male and inferior to it, due to the factors that came together to achieve that belief, starting with the emergence of the first human civilizations and the transformation of power from motherhood to patriarchy, and through the emergence of the first religions. These beliefs were further entrenched by the people of philosophy from (Plato) (Aristotle) and others, then Freud's studies and those who followed him from philosophers of psychology, and finally some misconceptions of Quranic verses that all led to proving that women are an imperfect creature of the male.