Hunting and sports in the era of Oktay Khan (626-639 AH / 1228-1241 AD)


  • Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai


hunting, equestrian, wrestling, sports, horses, matches


The Mongols were interested in hunting, not only as a major occupation for them, but as an entertaining hobby that they practiced in times of peace. As they were keen to continue to go out on hunting trips for the purpose of training and training the soldiers to be ready in most of the times and not fail to fight the midst of war and to prevent fighting among them. The Yassa law stipulates the necessity of practicing fishing at the times allotted for it and refraining from it at other times. The Mongols practiced other hobbies such as equestrian, wrestling and boxing, as they strengthen the body, develop it, and release its energies in a positive way. It is worth noting that Mughal women also practiced these hobbies and were not restricted to men only.