Psychological Stress and Coping Strategies among Private University Students in Amman Governorate during the Corona Pandemic


  • Rania Hekmat Friehat


psychological stress, problem solving, Corona pandemic


This research is an attempt to investigate the psychological stress and coping strategies among private university students in Amman Governorate, during the Corona pandemic. The sample of study includes (400) students who are deliberately selected from Al-Isra University students from the humanities (196) and scientific (204) faculties. The descriptive approach was used and statistical analysis was adopted (SPSS Statistical Package for Social Sciences) to show the results related to the study. The results of study displayed that the level of psychological stress among the private university students was high, and the obtained results presented that the level of adaptation strategies is high for the strategies of the religious dimension - problem solving - family and social support strategy) and the level of the avoidance and escape strategy at an average level, and the results too displayed that there were no significant differences attributable to Due to the effect of specialization in all strategies except for the family and social support strategy, the differences came in favor of the humanitarian specialization, and there were no statistically significant differences due to the effect of gender in all strategies except for the religious dimension. Attributed to the effect of sex in favor of females. Through the results, the researcher recommends the work of a workshop that relates to ways of dealing with psychological stress and a procedure.