Formation of the Personality of Future Teachers for the Implementation of Professional Activities in Modern Conditions


  • Symbat Chunkenova ,Kalibek Ybyraimzhanov ,Mirshat Yelubayeva ,Asset Turkmenbayev ,Altyn Bakradenova


teaching staff, professional issues, modern developing


The article is devoted to one of the pressing topics of modern society. Since the modern developing world makes qualitatively new demands on the training of teaching staff. Modern society, which has embarked on innovative social, scientific and technological development, presents new requirements for a person in a changing sociocultural space. In the context of updating all spheres of human life, ever higher demands are placed on the education system as an effective mechanism for the preparation of a competent, mobile specialist. In this regard, educational institutions are called upon to solve a whole range of problems, including the education of a purposeful, active, creative, responsible, strong-willed person, striving to constantly increase their potential capabilities. Currently, the search for new opportunities to improve the professional level of teachers and the creation and implementation of appropriate conditions for their professional growth is being intensified. Since a modern teacher should be ready to change his pedagogical thinking, as well as to the paradigm of modern education, he must develop ways of continuous professional development. Vocational education is a specially organized process of attracting individuals to professional activities in the process of vocational training as the subject of this activity. It includes the formation of students' professional direction, professional competencies and professional skills. The professional direction of the personality of the future specialist includes an interest in the chosen profession, an understanding of the social and personal significance of pedagogical activity, a conscious and creative attitude to the chosen profession. Professional competence can be defined as the correspondence of professionalism and personal quality and the complexity of professional issues.