Headmaster's Leadership Style in the Implementation of School-Based Management at Madrasa


  • Triwid Syafarotun Najah ,Zamroni ,Suranto


School Based Management, headmasters, leaders


Madrasa was the school based on islamic value that mostly in traditional management, these problems make many people underestimated madrasa especially for state madrasa. Indonesian government applied School Based Management (SBM) for all school in Indonesia since 2013, but there are many factors that influenced the better implementation of SBM one of them is leadership style of school headmasters. Leadership is a way a leader influences the behavior of subordinates to want to work together and work productively to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, this study was conducted to explore the elements of the headmaster's leadership construct that influences implementation of SBM in madrasa. This study involved stakeholders of Madrasa State 5 Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia as respondents. This study used the full qualitative approach by interview, survey, and observation data collection. The result of the thematic analysis showed that there are six main leadership role elements that have become the factors of good implementation of SBM in madrasa. The role of headmasters in the application of School-Based Management which includes: headmasters as managers, leaders, administrators, supervisors, motivators, and innovators are indispensable for leading quality schools. It was influenced the management of State Madrasa 5 Sleman to be modern management school and gave positive vibe for all stake holders of the madrasa.