Exploration Of The Implementation Of Islamic Guidance And Counseling Services At Darul Mursyid Modern Islamic Boarding School In South Tapanuli, Indonesia


  • Abdurrahman ,Suyono ,Muhammad Putra Dinata Saragi ,Raudhatu Zahra ,Yoserizal


Darul Mursyid, ustadz, Islamic boarding


This study aims to explore the application of Islamic guidance and counseling carried out by ustadz at Darul Mursyid Modern Islamic boarding school to alleviate problems faced by students related to learning. Specifically, this study explores the Placement and Distribution services that make this Islamic boarding school one of the best Islamic boarding schools in North Sumatra with outstanding academic achievements where many of its students graduate to prestigious universities both abroad and within the country. The informants of this study were Islamic boarding school students who received placement and distribution services at the 2nd grade Madrasah Aliyah level and ustadz who were given the task of carrying out Islamic guidance and counseling. The results of the study revealed that with the implementation of Islamic guidance and counseling, the placement and distribution aspects carried out by the ustadz made the students of this Islamic boarding school more confident in developing their academic potential. The results of the implementation of Islamic guidance and counseling make students more enthusiastic to compete so that their academic achievements become extraordinary. This can be seen from the science championships that they always win and the college entrance graduations that increase from year to year.