Developing Conceptual Operational Excellence Model To Achieve Citizen Satisfaction Services In Abu Dhabi Police


  • Abdulla Ebrahim Sayyar Almansoori ,Juhaini Jabar


operational excellence, operational excellence, ambulance


Organizational excellence plays a very vital role in organizational sector of many countries by helping in citizen satisfaction, this is of course a very vital role played. Similarly, police sectors of many countries missed to employed organizational excellence in their day-to-day activities, which harmed the citizen of police sector. Abu Dhabi police too has issues with regard to operational excellence in which many people complained about the poor attendance/services received by Abu Dhabi police, this tremendously affects the police sector of Abu Dhabi UAE. Therefore, the objective of this paper intending to develop conceptual operational excellence model to achieve citizen satisfaction services in Abu Dhabi police sector. The study will have based on the sample which will be picked from the employees in Abu Dhabi police, civil defence, ambulance, fire services and border security based on five constructs which are Operational Excellence, Leadership Support, Technical Proficiency, Project Planning and Execution and Corporate Culture. The study will contribute to help to enlighten the management of Abu Dhabi police sector on the need and importance of operational excellence. Also will plays a very vital role to the government and policy makers by proving an avenue through which policy makers understand clearly the impact of operational excellence on citizen satisfaction.