Management of Islamic Education Based on Interreligious Dialogue in The Learning Process in Schools as An Effort to Moderate Religion in Indonesia


  • Candra Wijaya ,Edi Saputra ,Abdurrahman ,Firmansyah


moderate religion, scientific articles, learning management, Liberalists


The purpose of this article is to discuss the management of Islamic education based on interreligious dialogue in the learning process in schools as an effort to moderate religion in Indonesia. The study of learning management concept that focuses on how the management process in learning in accordance with plural society like Indonesia. The concept is initiated from the expert opinion, various books, scientific articles that related to the discussion. The concept is Interreligious Dialogue, it is defined as a dialogue or conversation which is in the Qur’an with other language editors also describes the dialogue, or commonly called dialog as a way to seek consensus, goodness, peace for mankind carried out by society with different religions. Realizing it, of course wisdom and maturity are needed among religious communities to maintain the balancing between group interests and national interests. The components being discussed are; curriculum, learning management, teachers and students. The aim of Interreligious Dialogue is to build religious moderation. The moderation referred the middle between two different concepts, namely Extremists and Liberalists or it is often interpreted as the concept of Wasathiyah Islam.