"Experientially Engaged Branding": Proposing and Testing a Mediating Model


  • Muhammad Ali Ahmad ,Abid Fareed ,Arbab Gul ,Sri Hartini ,Gancar Candra Premananto


engaged brands, intensive literature, organizations


This study proposes and tests a mediating model of experientially engaged branding for social media customers. A questionnaire has been developed using intensive literature review on customer engagement, customer experience and experientially engaged branding. Responses have been obtained from the persons who use social media and also from the persons who make transactions on social media. Mediation has been examined using regression analysis. Our study finds that customer experience fully mediates the relationship between customer engagement and experientially engaged brands. It suffers from the limitations of number and profile of respondents; geographical settings as the respondents are dispersed from various countries; and finally, dearth of literature as there are very few studies available on this notion. This research has significant practical implications for researchers to examine the dynamics of experientially engaged branding in various niches, and organizations who intend to develop experientially engaged brands.