From Practice to Theory: White Ocean Strategy of Creative Industry in East Java Indonesia


  • Sri Hartini ,Masmira Kurniawati ,Jovi Sulistiawan ,Muhammad Ihwanudin


Creative Industry; Philanthropy; Religious; Value; White Ocean Strategy


This study focuses on implementing the white ocean strategy in the creative industries. The discussion included identifying business activity types, antecedents, and the consequences of implementing the white ocean strategy—data collection through in-depth interviews with 48 key informants, including the owners and consumers of the creative industry, in East Java, Indonesia. Research results show that businesses or corporates need to pay more attention and leverage the white ocean strategy to increase their value and differentiation advantage. They also need to maintain religiosity and corporate Altruism and want to keep ahead in the creative industry. The study results that there are five propositions. Religiosity and Philanthropy are the basis for companies to do a white ocean strategy. It increases customer's social and emotional value. Also, it would be the marketer's differentiation advantage. Altruism and product quality trigger consumer purchasing decisions. The paper contributes to the literature and future research. Consumer care and product quality trigger consumer purchasing decisions, strengthening the white ocean strategy's influence on consumer response.