Perception Towards The Use Of Digital Technology And Factors Generating TechnoStress Among Teacher Educators


  • Thiyagu. K ,Joshith V P


Tech-Tools, Perception, Ability Rate, Anxious, Factors, Digital Technology, Technostress, etc


The primary purpose of this study is to find out the ability rate of using Tech-tools in classroom teaching, measure the perception of using digital technology in the classroom and assess the factors generating Technostress among the Teacher Educators. To fulfill the objectives of the study, the investigator adopted a normative survey method. The investigator was selected 150 Teacher Educators as the sample from Kasaragod and Kannur districts in random sampling techniques. The investigator has used a self-prepared tool it covers the rate of level skills of technology usage, measures the perception of using digital technology in the classroom, and assesses the factors generating Technostress. It will be easy to get an appropriate answer for each statement from the teacher educator, and it was constructed and validated by the investigator. The findings of the study were: 33.3% of the sample not at all feel anxious, 34.7% of the sample contact a little anxious, 24% of the sample feel somewhat anxious, and only 8 % feel very anxious while thinking about technology. Only 6.7 % of teacher educators are weak in using computers or laptops; the remaining of them are 44 % average, 36 % strong, and 13.3 % very strong to use computers or laptops for their academic purpose. There are 31.3% of Teacher Educators who have high stress because of the fear of damage or loss of storage materials. 28% of Teacher Educators have high stress because of the anxiety about the loss of internet data, and 23.3% of the sample has high stress due to the fear of viruses or threats.