American politics with Iraq according to the audience of Babylon and Anbar governorate as portrayed by satellite news stations (comparative field research)


  • Maher Mohammed Ali ,Adel abd AL-Razzaq mustaf


American policy, Iraq, satellite news


This study looked at how the Iraqi public perceives American policy in Iraq as reflected by various news satellite channels in the governorates of Babylon and Anbar. It was a descriptive study that used the survey method, with a total of (800) respondents in the governorates and (400) respondents in each governorate. The significance of this study stems from the importance of satellite news channels and the critical and significant role they play in shaping media impressions of a variety of issues and topics of interest to the Iraqi public, including US policies in Iraq, and how this contributes to the formation of various negative and positive perceptions. The aim of this study was to determine how satellite news networks portrayed American policy toward Iraq in the two governorates.