Aguidelines for Managing the Impact of Tourism Case Study: Ban Nong Lom, Dokkhamtai District, Phayao Province, Thailand


  • Warach Madhyamapurush ,Pannanat Saksirikhun ,Numtip Smerchuar


Dokkhamtai District, Phayao Province, Ban Nong Lom


The objective of this research was to study tourism management and explore guidelines to manage the impact of tourism case study: Ban Nong Lom, Dokkhamtai District, Phayao Province, Thailand. Key sources of information were from the government sector and the community sector, including those who are directly involved in the tourism sector as well as those in the community sector who are not concerned with tourism. Cases were selected using a purposive sampling technique. Secondary data was collected from documentary sources: textbooks, journals, articles, related research, primary data collected from the survey, interviews, and brainstorming sessions for options on the impact of tourism management. The results found that tourism resources in the study area can be considered potential attractions. Tourism facilities can accommodate and serve a limited number of tourists per visit. Analysis on the guidelines of impact management in Ban Nong Lom, Dok Khamtai District, Phayao Province conclude that the community is aware of the impact of tourism management in terms of economic, social, cultural, and environmental concerns.