The Formation of Interest in the Students to the Teaching Profession


  • Duisenbekov Erkebulan ,Turgunbayeva Botagul ,Kapanova Zhanar ,Kebeyeva Aigerim ,Otegenova Elenora


teaching profession, emotional attitude, educational process


The article deals with the formation of students' interest in the teaching profession. The author considers the concept of "interest" from the point of view of philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical. Based on these provisions, an attempt is made to reveal the essence and concept of professional interest among students, to determine its relationship with cognitive interest and to draw a conclusion about subordination. The article traces the connection of professional interest with the concept of "professional and pedagogical orientation of the individual". In this regard, it is noted that professional interest can be considered as a complex personal education, which is part of the orientation of the individual. Having studied various approaches to the question of the problem of interest to the author, he revealed the structure of professional interest, which includes a number of interrelated interdependent components: intellectual, emotional-volitional and need-activity. The article focuses on the fact that it is necessary to include future teachers in active activities, as close as possible to professional ones, during which conditions are created that are favorable for the formation of a specific idea of the modern school, the functions of the teacher, the educational process, in addition, a positive emotional attitude to future teaching activities is strengthened.