Formation of Oral Competence in French (Fle) Using Educational Platforms for Students in Kazakhstan: Pedagogical and Didactic Aspects


  • Seisekeyeva Nurgul ,Aigerim Kosherbayeva ,Fatima Chnane-Davin ,Askarova Gulnar ,Bokizhanova Galina


educational platform, pedagogical experiment, interactive


The article is devoted to the problem of implementing an individual approach in teaching languages on interactive educational platforms. The criteria for analyzing interactive educational platforms from the point of view of individualization are proposed. The article also discusses the problems of creating pedagogical platforms for teachers of the French language; such a pedagogical platform is considered by the author as an innovative didactic tool. This fulfills all the functions of didactic tools and can be used for distance learning of French language for a group of students; describing the available pedagogical platforms, the author concludes that the proposed options do not meet the needs of language teachers. The research hypothesizes that learning on an interactive educational platform in the context of an individual approach can increase the level of knowledge of students. The article describes the developed educational platform Ca va ├ęcole for learning French. The paper also presents the results of a pedagogical experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed methodology.