Modern Principles and Approaches of Adult's Social Work Arrangement


  • Chinasilova A ,Zhalalova Akshaim ,Beishenaliyev Almazbek ,Matay Sabira ,Kaliolla Ardak ,Bissenbayeva Zhanat


socially significant, revolutionization, humanitarian


Historical experience of social work arrangement is huge and ambiguous. It gave great discoveries in science and technology. Mankind has mastered nuclear energy, escaped into space, penetrated into its genetic principle, carried out previously unprecedented growth of the economy, realized the great importance of humanitarian rights. It is constantly looking for optimal forms of coexistence within itself and in relationships with nature. The urgency of the research problem discussed in this manuscript is determined by a number of circumstances. Theoretical interpretations relate primarily to the fact that the structure of social values is extremely complex: some of its elements contribute to the revolutionization of conscious processes, stimulating the movement toward new social ideals, others cause the conservation of socially significant stable states of society.