Development of Qr Code-Based Character Education Teaching Materials


  • Etin Solihatin ,Kinkin Yuliaty Subarsa Putri ,Jhoni Lagun Siang ,Jeane Marie Tulung ,Roby Ibnu Syarifain ,Esa Aryo Kuncoro ,Alrik Lapian ,Aldjon Nixon Dapa ,Olivia C. Wuwung ,Alwi


Teaching Materials, Character Education, QR Code


The purpose of this research is to produce QR Code-based character education teaching materials. The method used is Research and Development with the model Dick and Carey's which includes 10 stages. The results of this study resulted in several things. First, the QR Code-based character education teaching materials with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Second, the feasibility of teaching materials has a score of 4.8 from material experts, 4.6 from linguists and 4.75 from media experts. Third, the effectiveness of QR Code-based character education teaching materials have a t-value count 13.077 > t table 2.09302 with t test at 0.05. This indicates a significant increase in learning outcomes for Pancasila Education. The results of the study also showed that there was an increase in learning outcomes by 23.15% after using QR Code-based Character Education teaching materials.