Responsibilities of the Board of Directors of a Limited Liability Company Against Investors in Perspective Fiduciary Duty Principle


  • Yeni Triana ,Iriansyah ,Bahrum Azmi


scientific articles, learning study, business Management


The goal of the study is to examine with regard to the management of the firm in its management the obligation of the managers of a limited liability company to investors. Investors find that the legal repercussions of not implementing the principle of fiduciary obligation in the examination of commercial law are disadvantageous to enterprises that are not trusted. The aim is to help the management of a limited liability business comprehend the fiduciary duty principle as the role of the Board of Management to develop interactions with investors, this is very important in the business world towards business competition to increase competitiveness to achieve profits, in particular and, therefore, follow up on the results of research Hopefully this article will be useful for the research team, as well as related external parties, in the form of lecture study material articles for students. The research method is normative law. In the discussion of the research, it was found that the problems carried out by the limited liability company regarding fiduciary duty as a guideline were not carried out properly, therefore an in-depth study was needed, and the legal consequences caused, therefore further legal research was needed. Some of the findings in this study are used as material for improving the implementation of the utilization of the fiduciary duty principle, in order to increase the knowledge of the management of limited liability companies. The outputs produced are according to the activity plan for the proposer in the form of scientific articles, and learning study materials for students.