The Dangerous Global Effect of HIV&AIDS on Society in the Perspective of Islamic Thinking and Medical Science


  • Muhammad Hasbi ,Sulaeman ,Kamiruddin ,Miftachul Huda ,Mezut Idriz


HIV, AIDS, medical approach, slamic thinking


This study aims to minimize the spread of HIV and AIDS, studied from the perspective of Islamic and medical thinking. They were judging from the aspects of Islamic thinking and medical causes of this disease, caused mainly by deviant behavior such as free sex, prostitution, homosexuality, etc. This research method uses qualitative research and the data collected in the form of primary data and secondary data. The research approach is carried out through philosophical approach, medical approach, phenomenological approach, and a sociological approach. The data analysis technique in this study is a qualitative analysis of observations, interviews, and documentation. The results showed that the effectiveness in reducing and preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS infection was not having free sex outside of marriage and not using Narcotics, Alcohol and Addictive Substances (NAZA), materials in the form of pornography and porn-action should be avoided because these materials should be avoided. This can be a provocateur that causes the loss of self-control to the urge of sexual aggressiveness so that people are infected with the HIV and AIDS.