A Study on the Contribution of Competency Mapping on Hr Deliverables with Special Reference to Disaster Management Sector in Delhi-Ncr


  • Ms. Surbhi Saxena ,Dr. Harminder Kaur Gujral ,Dr. Sudhansu Pathak


Human Resources, competencies, competency mapping, HR deliverables, performance management


Human Resource Management is a process of making people and organizations come together so that the goals of each other are met. Now days, every organization is interested in assessing the outcomes and performance with respect to the investment of human and financial efforts. The development sector organizations engaged in the humanitarian services look for a review and evaluation of performance as they are accountable to the funding and grants to the organization. In the Govt and public sector also, the institutions and organizations mandated for providing relief & rescue services are evaluated to assess the performance and accomplishment of objectives comparing the operational and institutional efforts put in by the employees. In the current scenario, it is not possible to show a good financial operating report unless the personnel relations are in order. This calls for competency mapping through Human Resource Management initiatives. Competency mapping is a method through which individual assesses and determines one’s potency as an individual employee and in few cases, as element of an organization. Various organizations often employ competency mapping as a tool to understand how to employ the competencies of its employees most proficiently. These also make use of the competency mapping to assess the blend of skills and knowledge of different employees to generate the most successful environment and the maximize the quality work. The overall purpose of this study is to understand the role of competency mapping and its impact on HR outcomes and deliverables. The other objectives are to ascertain & understand the involvement of Competency Mapping in the Performance management, recruitment, selection and hiring process, harness the significance of forecasting and managing the competencies requirements the future with special reference to the Disaster Management sector in Delhi-NCR.