Demographic Profiling Lecturers’ Beliefs about Teaching and Practices


  • Samah Ali Mohsen Mofreh ,Sultan Salem ,Lim Hooi Lian ,Ahmad Zamri Khairani ,Ro’azeah Md Napeah


demographic background; profilins; beliefs; teaching and practices; Confirmatory Factor Analysis


Based on the literature and previous research, there is limited awareness and knowledge of studying and understanding the role of demographic factors of lecturers’ beliefs about teaching and practice. This study presents the profiling of lecturers on beliefs about teaching and practices that identifies the strengths and need of lecturers’ professional development. A total of 103 lecturers participated in this research, comprising 76 male and 27 female respondents. The Profiling respondent’s analysis consisted of three sections, which included a descriptive analysis of the demographic factors of the respondent, a level of the respondent based inferential analysis of the respondents’ demographic characteristics, and an analysis of the demographic factors affecting the teaching practices of lecturers using the Confirmatory Factor analysis. These three sections of analysis would give answers to the study's questions "What is the level of beliefs about teaching and practices among the technical college’ lecturers based on their demographic background? And does the demographic factor influence the relationship between beliefs of lecturers on their teaching and practices?" The inferential statistics on teaching and practice showed significantly no difference between lecturers in terms of demographic factors. The multimethods analysis on demographic factors, qualification, department, and status tenure suggested that these variables had significant effects on the lectures’ beliefs on teaching and practices. The descriptive, inferential statistics and CFA analysis suggested that age and status tenure were the most influential factors on lectures’ beliefs about their teaching practices. Thus, the hypothesized model can be used for assessment predicting the level and the effects of beliefs on teaching functions on teaching practices based on the influences of the demographic background of the lecturers.