Multiculturalism Philosophy of Iraqi Artist Drawings


  • Ruaa Sadeq Mhmood Al-Akam ,Talib Sultan Hamzah


ethnic formula, cultural pluralism, conclusions, research community


The issue of cultural pluralism has been characterized by the ethnic formula since its inception, to derive its roots to a large extent from the response of the peoples that previously existed in the colonies of Europe, which were traditionally viewed as a social fabric consisting of one ethnicity, one race or one color, any group that enjoys a different identity that expresses About a specificity, and this is what leads us to the importance of the artist's role in cultural pluralism in establishing societal values through that pluralism. With the technical progress and the openness of nations to each other due to communication technology and the social communication it produced, the reality of cultural diversity has become something that cannot be hidden or ignored, to form another artistic cultural trend opposite to what is recognized within the narrow view of pluralism, as common factors have grown within those societies, including Citizenship, culture and coexistence to be embodied by the artist with his brush that crossed these barriers, to surface the fact that ethnic minorities are cohesive with their heritage and to preserve and enhance the awareness of cultural diversity in order to celebrate cultural diversity and seek to enhance it, by addressing the Iraqi artist multiple vocabulary that includes ethnic diversity to focus his artworks on the equal relationship and equality between minorities To develop the spirit of cohesion, because peoples and nations can only prosper through the diversity and plurality of their cultures. To include the research on the first chapter represented by its problem, importance, goal and definition of terminology, while the second chapter included two sections, the first topic is philosophy and cultural pluralism, and the second topic is the drawings of the Iraqi artist, while the third chapter includes the research community, its tools and analysis of samples to conclude the research with the most important results and conclusions.