The Effect of Material Requirements on Employee Job Satisfaction in Bogor Selatan District


  • Abubakar Iskandar ,R. Oetje Subagdja ,Angela Prescillia ,Hakanna ,Topan Zenal Abidin


South Bogor District, describe employees, satisfaction


South Bogor District is an agency structurally under the Bogor City Government. In achieving the satisfaction obtained by employees, material and non-material needs are needed to encourage the growth of an employee's work spirit. If material and non-material needs are met, the spirit of work will be even better. The purpose of this study is to analyze employee job satisfaction according to the material and non-material received, explain the results to be achieved by employees, describe employees who achieve job standards. The research design is Cross Sectional. The number of respondents taken as many as 33 people. Data was collected through interviews, observation, documentation and literature study. Data analysis was carried out through Product Moment correlation to see the strength of the relationship or correlation coefficient between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The results showed that the material and non-material given by the leadership could affect the job satisfaction of civil servants in the South Bogor District Office. According to the results of the Likert Scale analysis that has been done, it can be said that the results of the employee's work that have been achieved are in a fairly good category, as well as the work standards that have been determined by the leadership are also categorized as quite good. This shows that civil servants have good performance according to what is ordered by the leadership.