Solutions to Promote the Development of Science and Technology to Develop Productive Force in Viet Nam Today


  • Tran Mai Uoc ,Dinh Trung Thanh ,Dương Van Dan ,Hoàng Viet Dung ,Nguyen Anh Tuan ,Tran Thi Hoa


Develop, science, science and technology, productive force, Viet Nam


Currently, with the process of innovation and development, Viet Nam determines the development and application of science and technology advanced, especially high technology is the core content of the process of modern industrialization, associated with building a start-up nation and enterprise, promote rapid development – sustainable the country. This is also the core factor to Viet Nam does not fall into the “middle-income trap”. The practice has also proved that the large difference in the level of development and application of science and technology, especially high technology in an international environment with the fierce competition which makes the loss and weakness are always on the side of not mastering advanced technology, it affects to the development of productive forces in Viet Nam and this is a big challenge in the process of innovation and integration under the impact of the 4th industrial revolution. From the philosophical approach, social philosophical, and interdisciplinary approach, the article analyzes and clarifies the role and contributions of science and technology and solutions to the development of productive force in Viet Nam. The result has shown that the role of science and technology is also extremely important and necessary for this development. In the context of the 4th industrial revolution, globalization and deep international integration, high human resources, science and technology, and creative innovation become the most important inputs factor of modern productive force, there is the key to decide speed and quality of countries and economic development. On top of that, science and technology activities in Viet Nam still have certain limitations for the development of productive force. This article has also shown solutions to promote the development of science and technology to develop productive force in Viet Nam today.