Creative Industry of the Making of Gandang Tambua Musical Instrument Based On Traditional Technology


  • Ediwar ,Rosta Minawati ,Jufri ,Irdawati ,Sahrul. N ,Yurnalis


traditional technology, organologically, qualitative


The focus of the study is the creative industry of the making of gandang tambua musical instruments based on traditional technology in Nagari Bayua, Agam Regency. This instruments are rhythmic percussion ensemble. Gandang tambua belongs to double-headed barrel drum musical instrument, organologically, they are a group of membrane devices (membranophone) whose sound is from the membrane. This musical instruments are made of round pieces of wood with a hole or a hole on both sides and leather. On both surfaces are given goat skin which has been dried and fastened in such a way using rattan and rope. The making of gandang tambua with traditional technology has become an identity for the maker. They are consistent with this traditional way since the quality of the sound produced will be better than using modern technology. This research applied qualitative method with an organological approach. Meanwhile, it is aims to reveal how the technique of making gandang tambua musical instruments in Nagari Bayua, Agam Regency as an effort to preserve the creative industry based on traditional technology.