The Impact of Using Compliments and Compliment Responses to Improve the Effective Communication for EFL Students in Foreign Language


  • Manal Omar Mousa


compliment research, effective communication, understanding atmosphere


Compliments are an essential part of day-to-day communicative exchanges. They assist a diversity of functions: they can be used to react to others, express respect, open a conversation or support a preferred performance. They are naturally viewed as enjoyable spoken expressions that advise real feelings and attitudes, which typically produce real responses. Hence, they should participate to create a friendly and understanding atmosphere for effective conversation. However, the finding contributes to the field of compliment research by providing a comprehensive understanding of compliments and compliment responses in context. They can be difficult to understand, and when used in different contexts, they can convey a variety of meanings. The study goes into great detail about how compliment responses reflect complimentees' attitudes in different situations. as compliments can be engaged in a different way among interlocutors, they can potentially result in communication problems and complications, mainly when they are exchanged by interlocutors from different cultural backgrounds. For this reason, it is important to achieve an acceptable level of understanding of how to respond suitably to compliments to improve effective communication.