Do Celebrity Endorsement and Reputable Companies TV Ads Effect on Middle-Class Consumer Purchase Decision of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods? A study in Bangladesh


  • Mohammad Toufiqur Rahman ,Hanim Bt Hj Misbah ,Syadiyah Binti Abdul Shukor ,Masrurul Mowla


decision, companies, influential, consumer


Celebrities always have been involved in supporting various activities in the past century and businesses increasingly consider corporate reputation as a valuable asset that has a positive impact on a purchase decision. The purpose of the research would be to ascertain the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement and reputable companies tv ads that either influence consumer attitude and consumer purchase decision in Bangladesh or not. Hence, a survey using a structured questionnaire was administered among 500 consumers from October 2020 to June 2021, with a response rate of 78 percent. Both celebrity endorsement and reputable companies tv ads has influential effect on attitude towards tv ad, then perceived behavioral control has the most influence effect on intention, then intention has on purchasing behavior. From f^2 it reveals that Celebrity endorsement has large and reputable companies tv ads has a moderate effect in producing the R^2 for attitude towards tv ads, perceived behavioral control take a large effect in creating the R^2 for intention, and intention also has a moderate effect in constructing the R^2 for actual behavior. Celebrity endorsement and firm reputation is absolutely and directly linked to attitude to the tv advertising, subjective norm favorably influences consumers' intent to buy products & services as promoted in television advertisements, and buying intention influence to create purchase choice. Moreover, the analyzed attributes show a favorable relationship with purchase intention and decision and it might be concluded that celebrity endorsement and reputable companies tv ads does impact the buying behavior of customers.