Impact of distance education to reduce the effects of the (COVID 19) on the educational attainment level of students of King Faisal University


  • Khaled A. Z. Alyamani ,Mohammed A. Aleid


Distance education, academic achievement, COVID 19


The study aims to know the level of educational attainment for King Faisal University students in light of the rapid shift from traditional education to distance education due to the spread of Virus Corona (COVID 19). The novelty, of the proposed study is to confirmed students’ level in distance education during the Covid-19. The study also attempts to measure the extent of the parents’ and teachers’ ability to monitor the progress of the students through distance education. In order to warrant stability of the questionnaire, 275 students participated to answer the questions, they were divided into 56% male students and 44% female students. The researcher used the Alpha Cronbach lab to find a coefficient of the internal consistency was (82.3), which is a high level of stability and acceptable for the purpose of conducting the research. Based on the data analysis, the study confirmed that the educational attainment through distance education for university students was 92%, and the follow-up rate was 72% high. The study used a package of analytical methods of the SPSS program to find out the results.