The attitude of potential customers toward eKYC at Malaysian Banks during the Coronavirus pandemic: perspectives of clients


  • Zouaghi Adel ,Dr. Aznan Bin Hasan ,Anwar Hasan Abdullah Othman


E-kyc, Customer Onboarding, Technology Acceptance Model, COVID-19


This paper examines the potential factors influencing the intention to adopt the Banks eKYC system during the spread of COVID-19 and related government lockdowns based on the Technology Acceptance Model. The structural equation modelling methodology used to analyze the data. TAM was expanded in this research to include other factors such as Privacy and security, perceived costs, and perceived covid 19 Risk. The data source in this research is primary data with respondents in Malaysia who have used bank eKYC solutions. The findings indicated perceived usefulness; attitude is significant effects the consumers’ intention to banks eKYC solution. The study concluded with the necessity of caring for customers regarding "Know Your Customer" procedures. It is easy to see why it is difficult for banks to make KYC clients feel comfortable. The attitude of potential customers for eKYC will make compliance affordable for adoption with new technologies currently accessible. But the proposed solutions have immense implications that need to be taken into consideration.