Integrating TPACK based HOTS-Textbooks: A case study to attest teaching style in primary school


  • Moh. Zainuddin ,M. Kharis ,Bagus Waluyo ,Umi Nahdiyah


implementing learning, class interaction, combination


This study discusses TPACK based HOTS textbook that changes the teacher's mindset in implementing learning in the classroom. The learning which combines technology and science will be interesting and innovative. A case study for Single-Case Design in qualitative research was used for this study through the technology use problem faced by the teacher in a rural area. The teachers from elementary school are chosen as the respondents of this research based on self-selection. Data were taken and collected using interview recording that uses an online method within two weeks of classroom learning applied. The use such a TPACK based HOTS textbook is still the main priority of teachers to communicate in classroom learning because class interaction is more active than using only manual term of activities. And again, the use of combination between technology and content knowledge as a distributed device can change teacher mindset and student character in learning, because they feel comfortable to make a contact each other. Moreover, the results of this study will give two benefits on both how to choose the best way in the class circle effectively and how to adapt for new normal from COVID-19 pandemic in class interaction.