The Effect of Fertilizer Uses on Environmental Pollution: A Review


  • Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai


environmental pollution, chemical fertilizers, manufacture


The study of the effect of fertilizers on environmental pollution is very important for researchers and those interested in the field of environment and pollution because of its great impact on human, animal and plant health, and because of the many diseases it causes as a result of using it improperly, or in large quantities, which causes great damage to soil, plants and then people and animals, as well as air and water pollution. The research addressed the definition of fertilizers, the purpose of their use and their importance in enhancing the ability of soil to produce and improving its fertility. The research discussed chemical fertilizers, their importance and the most important damages resulting from their use in large quantities, the most important types of fertilizers such as mono, nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium fertilizers. The research addressed the importance of organic fertilizers that contain animal and plant compounds, in addition to bio-fertilizers and boron fertilizers. The research sheds light on the manufacture of fertilizers of various kinds and their impact on environmental pollution.