Asylum Between Yesterday and Today, A Comparison Between Islamic Law and International Law


  • Abdelaaziz Laabidi ,Rachida Nacir


urbanization, international law, Greece


This research aims to show that asylum is a human phenomenon linked mainly to societies, which the world has known since the first era of human history through Greece, then the Phoenicians, and the ancient Egyptians until now and is still continuing, and developed according to the evolution of human ways of living and urbanization, and on the other hand seeks to Emphasizing that asylum and refuge is basically a religious phenomenon known to all the heavenly religions, from the father of the prophets Abraham, peace be upon him, through Moses, peace be upon him, then Jesus, peace be upon him, and finally with Muhammad, peace be upon him, as it was granted and given refuge a sanctity and a special place, as it aims from a third side to highlight Islamic Sharia has preceded international law in establishing and establishing general rules organizing asylum that respect human humanity, and provide him with security and safety, regardless of his religion or color, in contrast to international law.