The effect of strategic planning in spreading the culture of quality in industrial organizations


  • Kudhr, Tamam Salamn; Muhammed, Widad Musa


research aims, positive impact, strategic planning


The research aims to uncover the impact and importance of strategic planning elements represented in (the strategic mission, strategic objectives, strategic analysis, strategic choice) in spreading the culture of quality represented in its dimensions (management's care on innovation, customer satisfaction, management's care and support belonging). The aim above was tested in the General Company for Electrical Industries, Iraq. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, a questionnaire developed and distributed to a sample of (70) male and female individuals of various ages and educational qualifications in order to process the data, a group of statistical methods was done by using the statistical program (SPSS). The most prominent results of the research were the existence of Correlation and positive impact of strategic planning in contributing to spreading the culture of quality. As for the most prominent recommendations, the senior management of the company should adopt a clear approach that stems from an integrative view between strategic planning and spreading the culture of quality.