Using English Language Learning Mobile Applications among Iraqi EFL University Learners


  • Haider A. Hamza ,Fatima J. Saadalla


Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Teaching Styles, Efficacies, Primary School Mathematics Teachers


This study is conducted for the purpose of collecting data, opinions, needs and learning and teaching facts of EFL university students about English Language Learning mobile apps. The study aims to identify the benefits, difficulties, and resolutions of using mobile phone applications. The study was conducted in the English Department at Al-Kitab University at the second semester of the academic years 2019/2020. T The study is based on the descriptive study, since it describes the use of mobile apps in learning and teaching English Language. For this purpose, it employs the observation and structured questionnaire as methods of collecting data. A questionnaire of 13 main items has been lunched to be responded by 133 EFL university students from both genders; 45 (33.8 %) males and 88 (68.2%) females, their ages vary between 19 to 25 years. The results showed that most students responded positively to using mobile applications in teaching and learning processes. In addition, all students had smart phones, and they used varied brands applications in the learning process. Moreover, the results indicated that students understand and learn better through using the applications.