The Iraqi Economy: Reality, Challenges and Proposed Solutions for the Period 2003-2020


  • Nassif Jassim Ali Alebadi ,Sami Hashim Falih AlSaadi


Iraqi economy, economic situation, rescue operations


The Iraqi economy suffers a lot of problems and challenges despite its possession of many elements, but it did not invest effectively and correctly, which further complicated the economic situation, so unemployment and inflation rates rose, the problem of poverty and the increase in external indebtedness and the spread of corruption in all its forms in all the joints of governmental and private institutions Both these problems have become major obstacles to the advancement of the deteriorating economic reality, and it has become difficult to improve conditions and reform the economy in the process of comprehensive economic development, as well as the lack of a real will for decision-makers to undertake comprehensive change or carry out restoration and rescue operations. This research deals with the current Iraqi economic reality and the most important challenges. Facing him with a proposal for some solutions that would put economic matters into perspective.