The Model of Engineering Inventories Design with Pieces Abd Telos System


  • Zulki Zulkifli Noor


Accounting and Engineering inventory Information Systems, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), engineering system design


The purpose of this study is to design an accounting and engineering information system at Burger Sandwich Steak Restaurants in Indonesia. This study is an application study. The focus of the study is Burger Sandwich Steak Restaurants in Indonesia. Methods of data collection consisted of interviews, observations and observations. The analysis method used is the PIECES analysis, system requirements analysis, and performance analysis of the TELOS system. The software used is SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio. The results of this study show that: Details of accounting and engineering at Burger Sandwich Steak Restaurants in Indonesia are still uncommon. The accounting-related functions are front-end, kitchen, bar, cashier, and accounting, while those for startups are engineering and accounting. Documents used in the accounting system for accounting orders and purchases made, and engineered inventions are purchase notes. The records used in accounting details are sales records, and the inventory of engineering is in stock cards. The design of the system includes: goods, menu, detail menu, supplier, purchase, sale, start-up and customization. (c) The output design consists of: Inventory reports for engineering, purchase, and sales (d) Implementation results indicate that the system can work well and the modifications used for direct conversion.