Manohra Ballet: Negotiating Identity, Concepts and Choreography for Adaptation of Thai Ballet in the Context of Dancing Modernity in Thai Culture and Society


  • Natsuda Nareewijit ,Peera Phanlukthao


Manohra Ballet, Negotiating Identity, King Rama


This qualitative research, Manohra Ballet: Negotiating Identity, Concepts, and Choreography of Adaptation of Thai Ballet in the Context of Dancing Modernity in Thai Culture and Society, is part of the Master of Fine and Applied Arts, a program in Performing Arts. This research aims to 1. To study the background of Manohra ballet in Thailand and analyze identity negotiation, concept of creating an applied Thai ballet in the context of popular dance in Thai cultural society. 2. To study the research unit on the construction of an applied Thai ballet on Manohra Ballet. Case Study of Suteesak Pakdeeteva. The researchers derived the basic information used in the study from documentary and field work-study and research information from documents, including primary and secondary sources and focused on field research to observe and interview. Descriptive analysis is used to present this research. According to the research, it was found that Manohra Ballet is a western dance-drama in which the country Thailand was influenced in 1938. Which later King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX had the idea to create the world's first "Manohra ballet" And this performance has been shown again at the ceremonial offering. Cremation Buddha amulet of King Rama IX. On October 26 2017, By Suteesak Pakdeeteva designer and supervisor, designed the show under the use of identity negotiation theory to further mitigate the function of the show. So that the style of the show will be suitable for the style of work Celebrating the cremation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. By adjusting the style of gestures to have more complex techniques Add various characters to portray the King Rama IX through various forms of dance arts. Which is modern and suitable for the context of popular dance-drama in Thai cultural society. But doesn't change is the royal theme song of King Rama IX. To demonstrate his musical genius, which is not only known in Thailand. But also showing foreigners the uniqueness of Thai in international dance-drama Thai ballet set "Manohra Ballet".