Effects of Facebook Use on the Average of Students Who have not Completed the Class at Public University in Hanoi Capital, Vietnam


  • Phuong Huu Tung ,Nguyen Nghi Thanh ,Tran Dinh Thao ,Nguyen Hoai Thu ,Nguyen Anh Nguyet ,Dinh Thanh Tu


Facebook, Programming language,Hanoi capital,


To supplement the evidence of previous studies and enrich the references, this) study explores the impact of) Facebook use (on the) GPA of students who did not pass the course and had to repeat the course. next semester at public universities in Hanoi, Vietnam. This study was conducted through a cross-sectional survey using an intentional sampling technique (n=200). The multivariate linear regression analysis technique was applied to prove the hypotheses. R Programming language is used for data analysis. Research results show that Facebook affects the Grade Point Average of students who do not pass the course in both positive and negative ways.