Social Interaction in Housing for the Community with Low-Income


  • Soni Akhmad Nulhaqim ,Muhammad Fedryansyah ,Sri Sulastri ,Wandi Adiansah


social interactions, housing residents,,low income


The purpose of this study is to make comparisons related to social interactions between housing residents in neighborhoods and communities in low-income communities or small type of house in three residential locations in Bandung Regency, West Java. The research method used in this research is the method of mixed research (mixed method) between qualitative and quantitative methods with Concurrent Triangulation Strategy model. Data collection techniques used were in-depth interviews, nonparticipation observation, questionnaires and literature study. The results of this study show the comparison of social interactions in five types of interactions ranging from social interaction within the family, social interaction with fellow residents of housing, social interaction at the community level, social interaction with residents around housing and social interaction with colleagues. The results show that social facilities and public facilities that exist in these three housing became one of the media for housing residents to interact with each other.