The Development of Superior Side Dishes Survival Management in the Household Movement during Pandemic Crisis


  • Dumasari Dumasari ,Imam Santosa


immunity encourages, local resources, household


Food safety, including superior side dishes, is one of the keys to resolving the COVID-19 pandemic through increasing body immunity. This value of the urgency of food safety and immunity encourages the implementation of research in Banyu as Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The descriptive survey research method was used with qualitative and quantitative approaches. The results showed that the household needs of respondents for superior side dishes did not change during the pandemic and the New Normal era. The main types of side dishes include eggs, tempeh, tofu, freshwater fish, meat, marine fish, and canned fish. The availability, affordability, ease of preparation, and storage of great side dishes are all factors to consider. For the respondents' households, the functional benefits of exceptional side dishes of eggs and canned fish are consumed, saved, and given. The economic advantages of side dishes can be employed as tradeable commodities. Meanwhile, the respondents' household also experienced some difficulties in fulfilling the superior side dishes. The respondents' household performs survival management to maintain the safety of the side dishes. It is just that the majority of survival management is still fragile, not sensitive to pandemics and other crises. Empowerment is needed to strengthen it. Recommendations in the form of policies are needed to realize the concept of developing survival management to safety of superior side dishes in households movement. The concept has the principle of independence, based on local resources, sensitive to pandemics and other crises multiplier effect.