Changes in the Online Transportation Company Partnership System in Indonesia's Economic Development Post-Covid-19 Pandemic


  • H. Radea Respati Paramudhita ,Prof. Dr. H. Obsatar Sinaga, M.Si.


H. Radea Respati Paramudhita ,Prof. Dr. H. Obsatar Sinaga, M.Si.


E-commerce business is growing rapidly in Indonesia. An online transportation company engaged in the e-commerce business is one of the drivers of Indonesia's economic development. The Covid-19 pandemic has hampered the wheels of the economy, including online transportation companies. The partnership relationship between the company and the driver does not guarantee their income, especially in the current pandemic conditions. In addition, the company does not guarantee the safety and health of the drivers. The company encourages drivers to exploit their power by providing inappropriate daily income bonuses. In the recruitment process, the company does not do a good screening, so drivers of productive age are constrained by a system that kills their creativity and potential. In the UK, the partnership system is no longer used and has replaced it with an employment relationship to become an employee of the company. While in the state of California, United States, the company provides strict conditions for drivers who want to work for the company. The partnership system used by the company in making work agreements with drivers is not in accordance with the Manpower Act. The company's encouragement to exploit the driver's time and energy is alleged to have violated the Trafficking in Persons Act. With the current pandemic conditions, the partnership system is no longer appropriate for the agreement between the company and the driver. Therefore, it is necessary to change the agreement from a partnership to a work agreement.