Implementation of an Artificial Intelligence System for Detecting Respiratory Diseases Using Web-Based Telemedicine Methods


  • Ardiva Herdiyadi ,Raden Mas Xyla Ramadhan ,Hafidz Arsyad Mahmuddin ,Ivan Yapputra, Juang Jaguar ,Riswan Efendi ,Ari Purno Wahyu W


Artificial Intelligence, Kollin Health, problematic


Health is the most important part of our body and becomes the main capital so that we can be active, at this time the level of a person's work is getting denser so that we ourselves sometimes forget to control our eating patterns because rest time is increasingly limited due to the increasingly dense workload, negative effects from the density of these activities, we forget to take care of our health, starting with medical consultations to regular health consultations and can be done regularly, as a result we can suffer from severe diseases due to irregular eating patterns and rest patterns that make health conditions problematic. In chapter 21 now a new method is used to create a mobile-based consultation system or use a website platform, this information system will be used as an online consultation medium and can be used 24 hours, this online consultation information system is not used to replace the doctor's role but as an initial medium that can be used by us as a form of preventive and emergency media if we experience problematic health conditions and need direct consultation, the implementation of this online health information system becomes a recommendation and main reference when our busy working hours are still You can check your health without having to leave your home or work place. schedule telemedicine in the Kollin Health application as one of the main features of telemedicine will help solve major problems when the user wants to consult with doctors on different schedules or with specialist doctors. This feature solves the problem of users fighting over doctors when doctors have completed telemedicine.