Design of Management Information Systems in A Hospital in The Physiotherapy Section Based on Software Applications


  • Sukenda, S.T., M.T ,A. Irmayanti ,Warsono ,Fajar S.J ,Fauziah F ,Indah W


MIS, physiotherapy


A computer-based management information system, a system based on software applications that can be run by a computer. Software applications are built on the basis of analysis and design of a system. The system is made by collecting information that is integrated with one another. Information in this case, can be in the form of data related to the organization that will build an application system that can store data or information in a database. The design of this hospital information system is carried out, in order to facilitate the storage, recording and creation of data that can be filled in by hospital staff in an integrated manner. The results of the system design, a hospital management information system (MIS) application made in the form of a software application. Software application to facilitate the need for filling in data related to physiotherapy ranging from drugs and equipment, stock management, examination to a list of physiotherapy patients in a hospital.