Influence of Motor Vehicle Tax to the Local Revenue of West Java Province in Bandung City


  • Faisal Aulia Akbar Ahmad ,Hafied Noor Bagja ,Andre Febriansyah ,Raden Dia Akhbari Andica ,Mochamad Rifqi Mulyana ,Ilham Farid Muttaqin


Tax, Local Revenue


Tax receipt is the main source of domestic financing for existing expenditure and development. This study explains the influence of Motor Vehicle Tax (MVT) contribution to the local revenue of West Java province, Indonesia. The data of this study are from observation and documentation activity. The population of this study is all provincially receipt data from MVT sector in last five years (2016-2020). The analysis method performs in this study is simple regression. R data is 0.879, explains a very strong correlation (relation) between MVT to the local revenue. t value is 3.193 and t table with α = 0.0495973. If significance t-value is 0.05 then H0 is rejected, explaining a significant influence between one independent variable to the dependent variable. As a result, there is a significant influence between MVT to local revenue of West Java province in 2016-2020 period.