Development of Stakeholder Management Implementation Models in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities


  • Solihin ,Shalsa Nabila ,Restu Illa Rahmawati ,Raden hilmi hibatulloh munadi ,Tiara Kelana ,Adhitia Lutfiana Haq


stakeholder management, CSR, generic strategy


This study aims to develop a model of stakeholder management for the implementation of CSR. The implementation of the stakeholder management model of CSR implementation is expected to improve the impact of CSR implementation on the company's image or company performance through identification of the relative strengths of the stakeholders which are expected to have a major impact on the success of the company's image formation through the implementation of CSR. The research method used in this study is a literature review were based on the literature review conducted, the researcher chooses a moderation model among the three choices of stakeholder management models. Based on the results of the literature study, it was concluded that to develop a stakeholder management model for the implementation of CSR, four steps were needed, consisting of: (1) identification of relevant stakeholders (2) calculating the relative power of stakeholders (3) mapping the potential threats and cooperation of each stakeholder (4) develop a generic strategy for implementing stakeholder management.